Reasonable costs of living

Focus is on modern heating and utility systems contributing to convenient life and keeping costs at a reasonable level. The energy class of the building is A, both geothermal heating and solar panels are used.


Floors are built from prefabricated reinforced concrete panels with thickness of 220 and 265mm with additional EPS footfall sound insulation covered with 80mm concrete. Bathrooms will have suspended plasterboard ceilings painted white. Other rooms will also partly have plasterboard ceilings.


The load-bearing structure of the building and the walls between apartments are built from concrete blocks filled with concrete and partly also monolithic concrete. Partition walls in the apartments will be covered with extra hard plasterboard, and with moisture-resistant plasterboard in moist rooms. Outer walls will be partly constructed with lightweight structure covered with a double layer of plasterboard from inside and with facade slab and wooden cladding from outside.


Interior doors are smooth doors covered with wood veneer. The front doors of apartments are smooth doors covered with wood veneer, which are also fire-resistant and have additional sound insulation.


The building will have triple-glazed thermal (U<0,9) windows in wood-aluminium frames.


The apartment building has a flat roof with EPS insulation and a two-layer SBS cover.


The hub of the geothermal heating system supplying the building with heating and hot water will be located on floor 0. The apartments will have water floor heating, so there will be no radiators to cover up space or block the view from windows.


Every apartment has an independent ventilation device, and the ventilation of 4- and 5-room apartments has a cooling function to keep the temperature a few degrees lower than outside in summer months.

Building guarantee

In two years, a representative of the builder will carry out any necessary warranty repairs. If possible, the works will be carried out simultaneously in the whole building. Any faults preventing regular use of apartments will be eliminated immediately after discovery.